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Research shows that emails to your state representatives are more effective than online petitions, but not as effective as an in-person visit - so we've tried to give you the best of both worlds with video AND messaging options on our widget, since we know in-person visits are a little dicey right now. Let them know how you feel about the job they are doing during this international crisis. Not sure what to say? Copy and paste this:

Many self-employed industry professionals have NOT received ANY assistance at all for weeks, going on months, now. And many will not be able to go back to work even after being deemed "essential" for health risk reasons - but their essential status means they will no longer qualify for any assistance. This, too, needs to change. Legislation that will help EVERYONE needs to be passed immediately! Please fix this system!


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Beauty Industry Bailout, by The Beauty Coalition

"Our position as The Beauty Coalition is that our services are valuable but not essential and we support opening in the later phases if that will keep our communities and beauty workers safe. We are fully prepared to wait as long as necessary and follow all the safety and distancing guidelines as opposed to opening too early and risking the health of our communities. While we do personally support waiting until the later phases to protect stylists, clients, and the community as a whole, we also understand there are varying views, opinions and thoughts on the matter and want to stand in solidarity as an industry. Even if we don't agree on everything I think we can agree our industry needs a #BeautyIndustryBailout."


Who We Are

Here at Hands On Professional, we are proud to be involved in efforts to improve the lives of hands on workers and their families. We hope to become a leading organization in the struggle for economic and social justice for those working in direct contact industries like cosmetology and barbering, nail and skin care, massage, make up, and body modification. By fighting for legislative improvements and bargaining for fairer labor agreements during the Covid-19 crisis, we continuously strive to raise work standards and improve quality of life, while also demanding our workers have a safety net when they need it.

This site is still a work in progress, so keep checking back in to see what new stuff we've added as more information becomes available.