Who should we be contacting?

So obviously we have the "contact your representative" widget on the home page to get ahold of your reps at a state level. But also, we would encourage you to reach out even more locally, like at the county and city level; it won't hurt to let mayors and city councils know what's happening with our industry. County health departments are a good place to start, as they ultimately have jurisdiction over what happens in your county regarding businesses reopening, and they are also going to have accurate pandemic information about your area that will be relevant. But counties also have to coordinate with the state, so if lots of counties are reporting our issues to state authorities, that may help salon phasing get pushed out a little more at the state level (I'd also like to think our concerns regarding our financial aid would become a bigger priority then, too, but I'm not holding my breath).

Click here to find your health department contact info: Directory of Local Health Departments by State

And state boards really could be advocating for us to governors and I'm not sure why it seems so many are not. I'd reach out to your state board to encourage them to do so, simply because it's their job to develop and enforce infection control within our industry, and they could easily be sharing the nuances of that, including the dangers of premature re-opening, with our state leadership so they can make appropriate phasing decisions.

Contact your state board here: Cosmetology Contact Information by State

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